Not magical or revolutionary,
it's a paper pad

Starting at $4.99

$14.97 for a three pad pack, 25 pages per pad.
Use one, share two with friends.

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Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, California - iPaperPad available in the US now.

Netmeme today announced that its iPaperPad, which isn't magical or revolutionary, is available for purchase on Amazon.

"iPaperPad is not new, it's a paper pad." Said Netmeme CEO Peter. "It's not that exciting, but it delivers much more bang for your buck than an iPad if all you want to do is impress people in coffee shops or at the workplace."

Starting at just $4.99 for a 25 page paper pad vs. the $499.00 starting price for an iPad, the iPaperPad is a notepad which has the same size and look as an Apple iPad. The iPaperPad is slightly smaller than a standard notepad and providing a more "intimate" experience. Because of its smaller size it is also lighter than a standard notepad and it requires no batteries making it the obvious choice over the iPad for airplane flights lasting over 10 hours.

iPaperPad's un-revolutionary paper surface makes for a traditional experience. You can read and write mail on iPaperPad pages and glue photos onto the paper. The removable pages allow you to create albums and slideshows. By leaving the page bindings intact you can also use the iPaperPad as a flipbook.

There is not an app store with 150,000 apps but the iPaperPad supports all existing writing instruments, scissors, and glue currently compatible with paper technology. This includes any items previously purchased by an iPaperPad customer for manipulating paper. There are no developers currently creating exciting paper manipulating items for the iPaperPad.

This is the only model. When it sells out it's gone. If we can't sell our entire inventory in the US we will try to sell them in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. If we get really desperate we will ship in additional countries, except Greece.

Press Contact
peter at iPaperPad.com


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